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A solid step forward

Online solutions are not always visible to the masses. For Blenheim Law office we at Atabix designed a complete digital work administration. Hereby the legal office wanted to streamline their administration and create an overview of their large amount of data. Blenheim is renowned for their reliable legal services. Their request was to create a system for the lawyers that would complement the solid character of the office. A beautiful opportunity to help this renowned office behind the scenes in taking a step forward

Simplicity is the standard

Overview and simplicity are two crucial ingredients when it comes to a solid online administration. But that doesn’t go without saying in a company where dozens of professionals work, each with their own way of administering data. Blenheim Law office could see the advantage of a good functioning system that doesn’t just show the worked hours, but uses the received information to improve their business.

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Finished in a view clicks of a mouse

Within the new system we created a personal surrounding for each and every lawyer. What they had to enter into the system, we cut to a bare minimum: the worked hours, the concerning file and the agreed rate. All that is needed. Using this information the system calculates the turnover, the outstanding payments and what the final hourly rate will be per month.

Thanks to this system no extra help is needed to get the administration in order. The lawyer manages his own calendar using a few simple steps and instantly receives an overview of the performed services. And this is just the start of the possibilities.

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From internal to external

The system has different connections to the outside World. This is how the lawyers send their invoices direct from their own online environment. Reliability comes first at Blenheim and therefore the invoice is automatically sent by the person responsible for the file. When the check has been done, the invoice is sent to the client.

Because the system also keeps a close eye on the outstanding payments to be received, a notification appears when it is time to send out the advance invoice. Obviously there is a possibility to specify the costs on the invoice. The same goes for normal expenses made while working for a client: office costs, court registry fees, or courier costs can be added to the ongoing file by a click of the mouse.

Anticipation reigns

Not every invoice gets paid straight away and not every case is closed within a few weeks. We have taken those cases into account. When the deadline for an outstanding invoice is up, there is a option to send a reminder invoice straight away. When a file is combined with another file this is also done within seconds. This way the lawyer doesn’t lose any valuable time, so he or she can completely focus on their legal expertise.

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Update the book keeping? Already done

The data entered by the various lawyers in their online environment, are immediately connected to the accounting application Exact online. Every step is recorded; when an invoice is sent out, when payment is fulfilled, but also when an invoice hasn’t been paid. At the end of each year the income and expenditure is automatically showed per file, and therefore gets the book keeping without any effort in order.

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Insight thanks to oversight

The system provides the partners at Blenheim a status report of the confreres. In the matrix, it is visible how many hours the different lawyers worked and for what rate. Whereby it is possible to see at a glance how cost-effective the lawyers in the firm are. The search can be done for the past month, the previous quarter or even per year.

The partner can also have a clear insight into the current affairs of the company. Under work in progress, it is clearly presented which hours can be declared against what rate. If this raises any questions, the lawyer concerned can be addressed in the matter.

Management sets the course

The administrator of the system has the flexibility to make digital adjustments at will. When a new lawyer joins the company he or she can be added online, this way a new personal environment is created. When new expenses arise, when the option “transport by helicopter” didn’t exist for example, that icon is easily added. When the VAT rate changes, it is a simple task to adjust this in the system. This way Blemheim stays up to date while offering its lawyers an online user friendly work environment.

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The result

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The homepage on a desktop.
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HThe mobile menu and a detail page.