Efficient online ordering system

stock- and ordering system

This is Boldking.

Combining an excellent idea with the most intelligent digital technique. That is what Boldking does and with success. The strength is in its simplicity. Boldking supplies durable razorblades for low prices, delivered to the customer when needed. On top of that the product is recyclable. In short: service and quality for a low price. How can Boldking realize this? They completely focus on the possibilities online entrepreneurship has to offer them. That is a philosophy that we at Atabix get very excited about.

The Challenge.

Service is the magic word at Boldking. The shop is exclusively online, therefore it is important that the customer is quickly, comfortably and efficiently guided. Whoever visits, has to be able to see the benefits of their razorblades in the blink of an eye. The business management is presented in a transparent way. When a visitor wants to purchase razorblades, the transaction should complete without a hitch. As delays are dangerous when it comes to sales, also on the internet. We secure an efficient digital process, not just for the way things look but also when it comes to the technical areas.

Boldking product set

Optimize thanks to the funnel.

The online experience we optimize by using a so called funnel. This online funnel makes sure that the user will smoothly proceed to purchasing. Without a doubt a knowledgeable content is irreplaceable, but the technical details could give the consumer the nudge they need.

Online payment for instance: a stage that should not need too many steps. Therefore, after entering the postcode, the matching street name and city form fields will be automatically populated with the correct information. A small adjustment that will make sure at least one percent of all visitors will not pull out of this process. That doesn’t seem much, but if you have fifteen thousand visitors, this could be the difference between making a profit or a loss.

Focused on efficiency.

Once the blades are ordered, the parcel needs to be delivered as soon as possible. For a good story is one thing, now the promise needs to be fulfilled. To make this happen, Boldking invested in another custom made technique. We developed a system that ties everything together. Orders, stock, statistics, customer data and email traffic. Everything is managed in one system. The data is easily accessible and the different aspects of the business are completely in sync. In other words: an exceptional efficient work environment.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

Whenever a customer places an order, the depot immediately receives the information concerning this purchase. They will get the ordered item, pack and dispatch it. The change in the stock level will be adjusted digitally. When razors are approaching low stock levels, the factory automatically receives an order to deliver more blades. This is how one single user can get a complete digital machine in motion, without knowing it. In fact: the site is simplicity itself.

Boldking blade
Gassan design style
Gassan design style

Customer is king.

Better safe than sorry: an old saying that sure is applicable to the online world. All activity of customers and visitors create digital data. Whoever keeps track of all this data and manages to analyze it, will discover the strength and the pitfalls of his or her company.

The flood of data is endless. The amount of seconds a visitor spends on the website, the most frequently used icons, when the visitor leaves the site, the average duration of a subscription, the consumers response to a personal email; all information is welcome.

Data showed that a few customers of Boldking subscribed, but the next day unsubscribed. This is relevant information. It turned out that this group of customers wanted to order the blades, but didn’t want to commit to a subscription. There was no existing icon for a one-time purchase. A small effort to create an icon like that and in doing this we fulfilled the needs of the customer. It sounds like a simple solution, but without the data-analysis, it wouldn’t have happened.

Castle illustration

The looks.

The data-analysis can be the most ingenious, but looks do matter. We would like to think with you about the visual online design, but if there is already a design that you are happy with, we are happy to implement that for you. Boldking came to us with an elaborate plan and clear aspirations about what they wanted for their web environment. The so called one-page-check-out creates a simple and neat look. This style is a smooth transfer to the product, the razorblades as well as the website are user-friendly and clean.

The online product doesn’t stop at the launch. Not only the maintenance requires time and attention, the digital world develops at an alarming rate. That is why we at Atabix are constantly retraining ourselves. If you want to give your online shop a makeover, you can rely on us to be prepared. We don’t sit still, we discover new possibilities and techniques on a daily basis. This is how we created a completely new digital surrounding for Boldking after only a year and a half. For those who want to maintain the lead when it comes to trends, we are glad to be of service.

The one page check-out.
More of the one page check-out.